Happy Holidays from Platteville Santa Cops

Happy Holidays from Platteville Santa Cops!

The Platteville Police Department emphasizes the protection of life, liberty and justice for all who reside, visit and travel through our community.  We strive to protect life and property, enforce Federal, State and Municipal laws and ordinances, apprehend and prosecute fugitives and violators of law, regulate the safe flow of traffic, and provide the members of the community with a safer quality of life.

1-800-CO-4-Kids in English and Spanish

The Police Department also acts cooperatively with other agencies in the area to protect citizens, particularly in large-scale emergency situations.  One such effort is the Critical Incident Response Team.  The Team will employ guidelines and procedures from the newly released Weld County Emergency Preparedness Guide.

The Police Department asks for assistance from the community in gathering information regarding incidents within the area.  You can complete a Citizen Concerns Form to ask a question or get clarification about something that concerns you.  You may be asked to submit a Voluntary Statement if you have witnessed a crime.  If you have been involved in an accident, or a crime has impacted you, you can submit a Records Request to obtain information you'll need in court, or for your insurance company or a Body Worn Cameras Request Form for footage from body-cams.

The Police Department patrols both the communities of Platteville and Gilcrest, to help maintain a safe environment.  Business owners in these communities are asked to submit a Responsible Party Information Form to provide information that could be helpful in protecting your business.  


Citizens who plan to be away from Platteville for an extended amount of time can submit a Building Watch Request.  Officers will check your home or business, and see that it is secure while you're away.